Today at Gawker.TV, Suze Orman's a boastful cowgirl at heart, America's Next Top Models know nothing about fashion, New York City's "treegasm," Kate Gosselin's admits she's to blame, and South Park's 200th episode takes on every celebrity they've ever scorned.

South Park Punching Bags Battle to be Free of Ridicule
South Park has shown that it excels at making fun of celebrities for their egomaniacal nature and of the oversensitive reverence paid to religious figures. Last night's episode brought both together and the result was simply magical.

Suze Orman's Boots Were Made For Bragging
...and that's just what she'll do! Suze Orman is like a real-life Scrooge McDuck, screeching to save while she obnoxiously cavorts in her heaps of gold. During a segment of Today on New York, Suze explained why she's the best.

Ugly Americans: Let's Talk About Sex with Trees
Treegasm, a once in a lifetime mating ritual observed on last night's Ugly Americans, caused the deciduous denizens of New York ("treetures", if you're arboreal), to blossom sexually, into boastful douchebags modeled after that Don Juan of reality television, Mystery.

Kate Gosselin Admits the Divorce Was Mostly Her Fault
Kate Gosselin stopped by The Joy Behar Show to discuss her new book. During their discussion, Behar asked Gosselin frankly if she was to blame for her divorce. Inside, watch her surprising response.

America's Next Top Model: The Black Hole of Fashion
Season to season, the contestants of Tyra's little model competition have been woefully ignorant of the fashion world. Stumped by Tinsley Mortimer, the girls are blissfully unaware of Karl Lagerfeld, love Michael Kors, and assume Louis Vuitton is still alive.