The beerbottle has always been used as a weapon of choice on television and in the movies, so the Mythbusters wanted to discover just how much damage the bottle can inflict. Pigheads, jello, tons of smashing and wasted beer inside!

The real myth to bust was not whether a beer bottle can do damage in a fight, but to discover which is more deadly when smashed against the skull - a full or an empty bottle of beer. Forensics science says an empty bottle is more dangerous, but this might have more to do with damage of one's reputation than it does another person's head.

The myth is taken to the butcher shop to be tested against the head of a dead pig. This was partly to test the necessary velocity they needed to reach in order to result in a broken bottle, but was probably also just to provide us with the clip below.

They used a brain made of jello to test the degree of concussions. The full bottle was found to be far more dangerous, sending the gelatinous brain crashing into the sides of the glass skull they constructed.

To determine potential fractures, they filled their glass container with ground meat and covered it with a material that mimics the formation of the skull. While the full bottle broke the material into pieces, the empty bottle barely left a mark.

In terms of lacerations, they were found to be equally dangerous. Taking either a full or an empty beer bottle to the head, will result in a lot of bleeding in either case.

The myth was busted - a full bottle of beer is far worse when crashing into one's skull than one that is empty. This seems pretty intuitive, and one could wonder whether this myth grew simply because no one was willing to waste the necessary amount of beer to find out the truth.