The scandalous 42nd President of the United States, Bill's wife, of course, is Hillary Clinton. You're probably familiar with his daughter, too, Ms. Chelsea Clinton.

William Jefferson Blythe III was born in Hope, Ark. and raised by his mother. He attended Georgetown on a scholarship, headed off to Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship (where he famously smoked pot), and then enrolled at Yale Law, where he met a sexy blonde by the name of Hillary Rodham. They married in 1975.

After working briefly as Arkansas' Attorney General, he became Arkansas' Governor for over a decade. Bill tossed his hat in the ring for president in 1992, and despite his youth and relative inexperience, he started out the race as the Democratic frontrunner and went on to beat George H.W. Bush. Clinton's presidency was marked by a massive economic boom; major pieces legislation like Family and Medical Leave Act; welfare reform; and a historic peace-keeping mission to Bosnia. Yes, he had his shortcomings. He never did manage to broker that peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians that he spent so much time talking about. He didn't lift a finger as nearly a million people were slaughtered during the Rwandan genocide.

Clinton currently heads up the William J. Clinton Foundation, which focuses on global health and AIDS, economic development, leadership development, and racial, ethnic and religious reconciliation. He also has published several books since his presidency. However, his political star has faded, as Bill became a major liability during Hillary's presidential campaign when he made off-the-cuff comments that offended and insulted, got flustered and angry at reporters, and clumsily wielded his substantial political influence.

Scandals? Ah, yes…In 1994, Paula Jones thrust her giant nose into the spotlight and sued Clinton for sexual harassment; Ken Starr was eventually appointed special prosecutor to investigate the charges, and his work led him to Monica Lewinsky. Bill's shenanigans-not the acts themselves, the lying about them afterwards-ultimately led to charges of perjury, and in 1998, he was impeached by the House. The Senate failed to convict him, of course (and Clinton's approval rating actually went up in the process). [Image via AP]