Interventionist Kristina Wandzilak's greatest challenge in getting the Oxycontin addicted Jeremy off the stuff—after she finally got him in the room—was weaning him away from his chief enabler and the strongest survivor of his familial wreckage: his mom.

Kristina had already helped Jeremy kick his addiction two years prior, so she knew her client's stubborn nature would make for a tough attempt at recovery. Before she could truly help him, she had to find a way to get him into the circle of mutual respect. Jeremy would have none of it, showing up high and retreating to the car to smoke and bitch about the Queen Bitch before he could walk through the door.

Jeremy eventually submitted to his family's wishes and entered the recovery room, only to blow up again because of his mommy issues. His filial closeness is understandable: Jeremy's mother is herself a recovered addict, but she's almost all he has left after his father's suicide and the drug-related deaths of his uncle and aunt. Kristina asserted that the only way Jeremy could get clean—a hope he had sparked by sending in his own plea for help—would be if he could separate himself from his mother for the duration of his treatment. Letting go of his mom didn't jive with the prescription-popping punk, and he lashed out and ran away again.

Despite repeatedly repudiating Kristina's demands, Jeremy committed himself to detox and rehab away from any maternal influence. His recovery is swift; he is transformed from immature and self-consumed addict into sweet and grateful kid within a month, and he remembers to give credit where credit's due. The case must have been personally frustrating for Kristina, who can rationalize Jeremy's earlier relapse, but still might count it as a personal failing. One ex-addict expresses his thanks to another at Jeremy's rehab graduation, when he points out that Kristina truly cares about him, that she is the only one he could really trust. The statement and recognition are so heartfelt and personally meaningful that the icy Wandzilak cries a single tear and hugs her charge in celebration. The genuine outpouring of emotion, however small, is enough to remind all that despite her many miracles, Kristina is still human, and still touched by the simple bliss of the lives she works so hard to save.