Tonight, Tracy Morgan gave a hilariously shout-y interview to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show that played out more like the first draft of some forgotten SNL sketch, centering around $75 Morgan says he's owed by Toby McGuire.

If there was a point to the interview, it was that Toby McGuire owes Tracy Morgan $75. And for this reason, Morgan has never seen Spider-man. But we never learn the reason behind the debt; Stewart kept prodding, and Morgan kept spinning off on insane tangents. Like in this clip where he segues from lamenting his broken friendship with McGuire to coining a new absurd nickname for Jon Stewart, then talks about how he knows he's "A-List." Does this make you want to go see Morgan's new film, Death at a Funeral? Not really. But it is classic Tracy Morgan, is-he-on-drugs-or-what funny. Tracy Morgan is Tracy Jordan.