Berman is the former weekday sportscaster at WNBC, where he recited the Knicks and Yankees scores alongside Sue Simmons and Chuck Scarborough. However, he may be best known for his "Spanning the World," segments on the Today Show.

A Brooklyn native and die-hard Yankee fan, Berman graduated from Syracuse University and quickly joined a local Boston station as a sportscaster. He joined the ranks of CBS briefly in the early 80s, but he spent the majority of his career with NBC. A longtime NFL commentator and NY-sports team aficionado, he made himself best known to a national audience when once a month they trot him out on the Today as the hosts the goofy segment "Spanning the World," in which he shows clips of athletes being hit in the groin by balls, pucks, and a variety of other projectiles. Although he stepped away from WNBC in 2009 to spend more time on his blog,, he still is game to pop up on Today for a special dose of "Spanning the World." [Image via Getty]