Last week, Walt confronted Ted the old-fashioned way: with a palm tree to shatterproof glass. Jesse jumped back into the meth game, paying for gas and cigarettes with a dimebag.

Which gave blue meth bloodhound Hank just enough of a lead to get pictures of the meth kitchen (an RV) from the ATM camera. Oopsy! White whale blow-hole spotted, Hank decided to turn down the move to El Paso.

After a failed attempt to get a little loving from his own boss, Walt meets with Jesse, who shows off a Ziploc of his solo work. Turns out Jesse's chemistry performance is still below-average, but that doesn't stop Walt from freaking out about ... copyright? But Gus, unlike the Internet, respects intellectual property — one of his men delivers Walt half of the money from Jesse's batch.

Knowing the pace at which Breaking Bad works, Hank could end up tracking Walt down by the next episode. Will Hank harpoon his white whale? Will Jesse finally furnish his house? Will Walt take copyright law into his own hands?

Mary Shyne is a recent NYU grad with a BA in English, which is to say I live in Brooklyn and eat a lot of canned food from Associated. You can read her blog here.