Today at Gawker.TV, Stephen Colbert congratulates Williamsburg on not filling out the census, George Lopez talks Conan and TBS, Indira Gandhi makes a cameo on Ellen, Kathie Lee spits pure venom at Hoda Kotb, and the best fictional TV bands.

Couch-ella: A TV-Band Music Festival For The Ages
Not going to Coachella this year? So what! Who needs Jay-Z when you're a TV person? TV people can't be bothered with actual musicians. Here's a music festival composed of acts that are just too good for real life.

Indira Gandhi's Surprise Cameo During Aziz Ansari's Ellen Interview
A typical Aziz Ansari talk-show appearance almost always contains the following three parts: 1) Discussion of his sitcom Parks and Recreation, 2) mention of his stand up comedy career and 3) jokes about his cousins Harris and Darwish.

George Lopez Talks "Team Lo-Co," Trashes Leno
George Lopez has officially jumped onto the Coco Bandwagon, and slapped his name on the side. Team Lo-Co, says Lopez, will be much younger and "Leno-ing" free. Inside, his interview with CBS' Julie Chen.

Kathie Lee Busts Out Her Inner "Mean Girl" All Over Poor Hoda Kotb
Kathie Lee's insults to her co-host reached a new low today when she made cruel comments about Hoda's looks. The awkward, uncalled-for jokes made us wonder when the day will come that Hoda finally snaps.

Stephen Colbert Praises Williamsburg Hipsters For Not Filling Out the Census
In this clip, Stephen alternately hates on Forbes for the makeup of their fictional billionaires list, and praises hipsters for their lack of enthusiasm in filling out the census.