If you're familiar at all with Tracy Morgan's stream-of-consciousness interview style, you're well aware that he is a nonstop comedy machine. Picking the best of his many interview appearances is not an easy task, but here goes.

Tracy has always done an amazing job at being himself and wildly jumping from tangent to tangent with little or no warning. The real evolution that has occurred is how interviewers deal with his mania. In this clip from his earlier days of interview hilarity on a local station in El Paso, the interviewer doesn't quite know what to do, but we're introduced with the proper way to stand by while Tracy works his magic.

In this next clip from WGN, Tracy waxes poetic about the "forbidden love" between he and the anchorwoman, and asks her to be the mother of his children. The special bonus here is his impression of a pregnant woman at around 3:07.


In this appearance on Letterman from 2008, we learn about the existence of an intriguing sex tape, and Tracy's preference for silent film.

In this recent clip from The Late Show, Tracy alludes to his oft-mentioned relationship with Oprah, and speaks about his forays into winter sports. You can tell this is his A-game as Dave nearly busts his gut laughing.


Jimmy Kimmel Live Seems to be the place where Tracy feels most comfortable, really letting loose with some gripes about his kids, his love life, and Page Six' reportage on his love of toe-sucking.

Tracy recounts his tale of getting kicked out of Prince's house in this next clip, then opens up about his search for new movie projects while he's in LA. He even talks about the way he teaches his kids about safe sex.

On The Daily Show recently, becoming the quickest turnaround guest in the show's history (one month between repeat appearances), Tray confirmed that Tobey Maguire does indeed owe him 75 bucks. Also, take note that Tracy is the originator of Jon Stewart's new nickname, "Stew-Beef."

A month before the previous clip, also in front of Jon Stewart, Tracy got pretty random, somehow tying together Christopher Cross and the Houston Oilers.

Morgan tailored his appearance on Ellen for a daytime crowd. For him, of course, that means alluding to stealing Edie Falco's Emmy and his new book, "Sex and Medical Equipment."

And finally, we have Tracy's brilliant, albeit brief suggestion to solve crime: Government cheese.
He is clearly an interview master. Now let's all go get someone pregnant.