One of the world's most famous models, Gisele is as well known for her Victoria's Secret ads as she is for her dalliances with any number of boldface names.

One of five daughters born to Brazilian parents of German descent, Bundchen grew up in Horizontina, a small town in southern Brazil. When she was 14, she was eating a Big Mac at a mall when she was approached by an Elite scout, who talked her into entering the Elite "Look of the Year Contest." (Or so the story goes.) She ended up placing second in the event, and made her debut at Fashion Week in NYC in 1996. She found instant success in the United States, and by 2000 Vogue had named her the "model of the millennium." Once nicknamed the "Boobs from Brazil" because of her artificially augmented chest, her contract with Victoria's Secret used to fetch her the most dough, but she walked in 2007 after the company refused to raise her $5 million annual salary. Even without the Victoria's Secret scratch, Gisele's doing just fine, appearing in campaigns from Dior to Louis Vuitton, and hawking everything from Nivea lotion to Apple computers.

Gisele had a long-term on-again, off-again liaison with Leonardo DiCaprio before hooking up with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The two eventually tied the knot and had a son Benjamin in 2009. [Image via Getty]