The brother of billionaire Dell computer founder Michael Dell, Adam formerly owned venture capital firm Impact Venture Partners, which invested in companies like Hot Jobs and restaurant point of service system, Open Table.

Dell was born in Houston and after graduating from Tulane, he continued on to the University of Texas School of Law. Post-law school, Dell stuck around Texas to begin his law career working as a corporate attorney for a firm in Austin. He later joined the exciting world of venture capitalism in 1997. Dell formed his own venture capitalist firm, Impact Venture Partners, in 2000. Impact Venture focused on information technology investments: Dell's investments included Buzzsaw, Hotjobs, and Connectify. In 2010 Dell left Impact Ventures for Austin Ventures where he is focused on, yet again, early-stage investments in technology.

More exciting than Dell's business background, though, is his embroiled battle with Salman Rushdie's former squeeze, and Top Chef host, Padma Lakshmi. The two began dating in 2007, but broke up in 2009, when Lakshmi told him his career was "uninteresting," and his friends "unmemorable." After waging these insults, Lakshmi found out she was pregnant, and though she hoped that Dell was not the father (she made no attempts to hide this, and in fact, told him so), he, in fact, was responsible for little Krishna Lakshmi. Dell is currently suing Lakshmi for custody, to have his name added to the birth certificate, and to have Krishna's last name changed to Dell. [Image via Getty]