The Plot to Murder Sandra Bullock, and Other Assassinations

The FBI investigates a Bombshell-related threat. Kiefer Sutherland gets wasted and rips his shirt off. Everyone knew about Larry King's dalliance, except his wife. Taylor Momsen thinks Leighton Meester is "awesome" ...not. Saturday's gossip roundup undermines.

  • The FBI investigated a plot to murder Sandra Bullock, orchestrated by Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, the Jesse James mistress so heinous her nickname requires scare quotes. The tip came from Michelle's ex-husband Shane Modica, with whom she is having a messy custody battle. (He photographed fridge magnets spelling "White Power" in her house. She says he staged it.) Modica said a hitman called him by phone and warned he was about to assassinate both Modica and Bullock. The FBI eventually deemed the tip "not credible," because hitmen capable of taking out a celebrity don't waste their time gabbing on the phone with Shane Modica. Also, the caller was this nutty guy in Missouri who sometimes "lose[s] sense of reality." [TMZ, Bombshell pic via Splash, Bullock pic via Getty]

  • As a little girl, Kim Kardashian didn't like her boobs. "I was wearing a C cup by the time I was 11. I would go to bed and pray, 'Please, Lord, don't let my boobs grow any bigger.'" Oh how the tables have turned. [NYDN]

  • Larry King and his frightfully young wife Shawn Southwick are in counseling. Shawn was, as the cliche goes, the last to know about Larry's rumored affair with her little sister. Even the schmoes who sold the coffee at the local deli knew, because Larry has no shame. [NYDN, P6]

  • Kiefer Sutherland got trashed and ripped his shirt off at a London strip club, then got kicked out. The Sun has pictures of half-naked, tatted-up Kiefer fighting the bouncers and getting stuck in a headlock. Also, a 24-style timeline: "4.00am: He falls into the street outside his hotel, giggling and with his jacket unbuttoned." [Sun]

  • Taylor Momsen will have you know she is nothing like her Gossip Girl costars, particularly Leighton Meester, whose musical ambitions are mainstream and pathetic. "We're all cordial and nice to each other, but we're not really friends outside the set. We're doing a different thing: She's putting out a pop record, which is awesome." (1.) Coming from the Warped Tour's princess of teen rebellion, "pop record" and "awesome" are quiet insults. (2.) Does "not really friends" mean Little J is confirming Gossip Girl's onset romances were fake? Or just that she isn't part of them? [P6]

  • Between seasons one and two of Jersey Shore, The Situation filed for unemployment benefits. No word on whether anyone cut him a check. [TMZ]

  • David Blaine paid Snoop Dogg a compliment, and Snoop bellowed, "David Copperfeld, eat your heart out!" I wonder if Blaine gets sick of always being The Famous Magician Who Isn't David Copperfeld. [P6]

  • The Pitt-Jolie kids went sightseeing with their grandparents Pitt. Tiny crossdresser Shiloh wore pants and a blazer, and is taller than big sis Zahara, who carried a Hello Kitty clutch. Maddox and Pax sported tough-guy camo. Grandpa Pitt wore dad jeans. [People]

  • American Idol star Kris Allen did a stage performance with his fly down. There is video. [TMZ, YouTube]

  • Christina Applegate and musician lover Martyn Lenoble have been engaged since Valentine's Day, and nobody knew. Mazel tov! This will be both parties' second marriages. [People]