Born and raised outside scenic, prosperous Detroit, Michigan, the menswear magnate began his design career in 1983 at Polo Ralph Lauren. After about 16 years of jumping back and forth between Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein and holding various positions high-profile at both, Varvatos started his own self-titled brand, which debuted in 2000. Varvatos's line usually features nonchalant slick duds and a full line of manly accessories, including that man-purse your boyfriend won't admit he's been lusting after. Varvatos manages to perpetually pull off collections that are simultaneously classy and edgy; aesthetically pleasing while pushing the envelope, but never too extreme.

Varvatos splits his time between New York and Milan, where he says the heart of the menswear world resides, which is also conveniently where his wife and their young child live.

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