Lisa Perry is the wife of hedge-fund financier Richard Perry, and a designer known for her unmistakable 60's style-biting luxury wear.

Lisa is married to the press-shy, Richard Perry, a savvy hedge-funder and the nephew of disgraced Jimmy Cayne. After getting his start at Goldman-Sachs, Richard founded his own firm: Perry Capital which now manages over 14 billion in assets. The couple are known for their liberal political bent, and own a large collection of works by Warhol, Lichtenstein, and other sixties artists.

Perry grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and both parents were involved in the textile industry. She's been interested in sixties and seventies fashion and design from a young age, and after several years of being a collector decided to start her own upscale clothing company. As a designer, Perry is known for her fetishism of decades past and André Courrèges. While simplistic, her designs are not cheap, and at over 1,000 dollars a piece, are meant for other ladies of luxury.

The Perrys have two college age twin daughters, and live in a 10.9 million dollar apartment at 1 Sutton Place in Manhattan, adorned with a Jeff Koons green diamond the size of a water buffalo on the roof (much to the annoyance of their neighbors).

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