The founder of the public relations, branding, and marketing firm, People's Revolution, Cutrone is known for letting her, um, abrasive attitude run rampant on reality shows like The Hills, The City, and Kell on Earth.

Cutrone started her career at 21 in New York: she did PR for Susan Blond, Spin Magazine, and Penthouse. She moved west to Venice Beach in 1992, dabbled in tarot card reading and music (she got a record deal from Atlantic Records), but ultimately returned to PR and founded People's Revolution in 1996. Though People's Revolution was known in the fashion world, it wasn't until Cutrone employed Lauren "LC" Conrad that she, and her company, became a household name. After helping LC get her footing in the fashion world, Cutrone went on to employ LC's BFF, Whitney Port when she made her big move to NYC on the aptly named reality show, The City. Following her stint as employer/mentor to the ladies of The Hills, in 2010 Cutrone was given her own show on Bravo, Kell on Earth. Beginning in 2012, Cutron will replace André Leon Talley as a judge on America's Next Top Model.

Cutrone has been married twice: at 24 she married artist Ronnie Cutrone. At 33 she and Cutrone split and she married Jeff Kober, which also ultimately ended in divorce. Cutrone has a daughter with Ilario Calvo, Ava Cutrone-Calvo, born in 2002. [Image via Getty]