A PhD biological anthropologist and professor at Rutgers University, Fisher is the best-selling author of five books on relationships and human sexuality, including Why We Love and Why Him? Why Her? She's a leading expert and researcher, dedicated to making sure people find love so we don't all end up alone.

Fisher was raised in prosperous New Canaan, Connecticut, and one of four children (including an identical twin sister, Lorna). Her mother was a sculptor and horticulturist, and her father was an executive at Time Inc. Much of her work is determined to uncover what is essential to human nature, as a result of what she calls the "profound impact" of being an identical twin.

Fisher is the author of five books starting with 1983's The Sex Contract, 1993's Anatomy of Love, 1999's The First Sex, 2004's Why We Love, and 2009's Why Him? Why Her? In the course of her career Fisher has identified different types of romantic love including lust, attraction, and attachment. She has also found specific personality traits dependent on different body chemicals and named them explorer, negotiator, director and builder. In 2005 Fisher was hired by Match.com to help build Chemistry.com, which used her research on different personality traits and their corresponding brain chemicals to form a match.

Fisher was married once at 23 for eleven months, but said the man was boring. Since then, she's had a 30-year open relationship with one partner (who has since passed) and is open to the idea of remarriage.

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