NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Gabriel is on "Team Jacob." His subordinate Detective Dawn DelValle-Sanchez is on "Team I Am Suing Michael Gabriel for Sending Me Bizarre Unwated Twilight-Themed Texts." Are these star-crossed lovers the new Bella and Edward? Hint: No.

Deputy Chief Gabriel, head of the Bronx Detectives, is being accused of sexual harassment by DelValle-Sanchez, who says she will sue this week. What's the fun, sexy twist? Michael Gabriel is a twelve-year-old girl:

"I ask for ur forgiveness and another chance (Think Bella forgiving Jacob)," Gabriel wrote in a text DelValle-Sanchez showed to the Daily News.

The comment seems to refer to the lusty Bella and her suitor Jacob, who transforms himself into a werewolf in the vampire series popular with teenagers.

Yes, that's right, "the lusty Bella." As you might guess, Gabriel doesn't exactly come across as normal in DelValle-Sanchez's account:

In another text message from an NYPD-issued BlackBerry, the chief asked for forgiveness: "I will accept any penalty; hard labor, probation, a time out. ... Do werewolves kill humans just like vampires?"

Gabriel, 51, also invited DelValle-Sanchez, 34, to throw an object at him or call him names as a sort of penance for his come-ons, she said.

According to DelValle-Sanchez, the harassment began in December, when Gabriel asked her how much cleavage she would be showing at the Christmas party. In March, he attempted to give her a massage to assuage a herniated disc in her neck, at which point she "recoiled in pain and shock."

The only winners in a case like this are Law & Order writers. [NYDN]