If the befreckled freeway accident is, in fact, in such serious debt, we wonder what she possibly could have spent all the money on. Let's speculate, shall we?

Clearly she hasn't been working as an actress much. She did a few episodes of Ugly Betty and is in the upcoming Machete and played the lead in the straight-to-TV Labor Pains, for which she was paid a handful of cigarettes, but that's about it. Her club appearance fee is supposedly gone down to as low as $5k an evening, a far cry from her astronomically high price from yesteryear. But she's been spending like ever — on vacations, on clothes, on (LIKELY, SUGGESTED, ALLEGED) drugs. So that is a pretty quick way to rack up some debt. But six hundred thousand dollars? That's more money than Nick Denton makes in a month! Here are some guesses about where that money could have gone.

  • One thousand Racquel Welch Collection "Knockout" style wigs.
  • 120,000 packs of Marlboro Lights (soon to be Marlboro Golds, guys!). 60,000 if she was in New York.
  • 40,000 copies of the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen original motion picture soundtrack, so she can stay on top of the charts.
  • 10 Mercedes CLK convertibles, because that way you have a replacement on hand when you total one by driving it into a palm tree because you're trying to shake some coconuts loose for lunch.
  • 12,000 weeks worth of college tuition for Dina and Michael. Sadly spent in vain.
  • 20,000 pairs of leggings, all of which were used up in a week.

So that is our dumb list! What do you think she could have spent the money on? What should she have spent the money on? When—and if—our comments start working again, feel free to share your thoughts!

[Image via INF]