The Way We Live Now: Caught between a rock and a hard place. The "rock" is the "Wall" of "Wall Street," and the "hard place" is the other "Wall" of unemployed zipper sellers, ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble.

We're sure you have all heard about a bit of trouble at Goldman Sachs recently. Some people think they don't deserve it, and other people think, fuck Goldman Sachs. The point is that there is going to be fallout from this lawsuit, and that fallout will affect the rest of Wall Street, where the little people work. So enjoy your personal slice of Citigroup's $4.4 billion quarterly profit while you can, little people, because soon enough the regulators and the revenuers will becoming for you, Main Street. The Goldman employee who started this all is already being forced to take a vacation, by the powers that be!

Sometimes it seems that every avenue of employment and self-betterment open to the common man is being shut down by forces beyond our control. Wanted to go into the zipper industry, kids? Sorry, that's reserved for only a lucky few. Hoping to become the Commissioner of Homeless, lording over all your fellow wretched scum? The former occupant of that coveted post has been forced out in shame (maybe not in shame). Want to grab one of those "Green jobs" that will be everywhere, for everybody, in our clean green future? What? Where is it? Where are they? Where are they green jobs? Oh they are nowhere.

Nor are there very many bus stops left, where you could have panhandled.

You see the wall against which you are being pushed. It is a wall of unemployment; a wall of broken dreams; a wall of broken unemployment dreams, on Wall Street. Brace yourself.
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