Here is a terrible, tragic story about the separation of an elderly gay couple by Sonoma County, California, the subsequent death of one member of that couple, and the auctioning of their property. A suit has been filed.

Clay Greene, the surviving member of the couple, has filed suit against the county and the auction company. The National Center for Lesbian Rights is helping with his suit and organizing the "visibility campaign" to spread the word of this terrible story. The story has received no proper news coverage just, which means all the stories are based on Greene's lawyer's account of what happened, but if it's even half as bad as the NCLR makes it sound it's a miserable, enraging injustice.

(Repeal of Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that re-banned gay marriage, will not be on the ballot in California this year, in part because established gay advocacy groups thought it might be too hard to campaign for it, what with the Tea Parties and what-have-you.)

I bet Maggie Gallagher will sleep really fucking well tonight.