Snooki Dumps Her Boyfriend on Facebook and Other Tales of Woe

He was only using her for her fame. Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have a flirt-off. Ashton and Demi party with New York's Foursquare fanatics. Sandra Bullock pulls a Tiger Woods. Tuesday's gossip roundup checks in and out.

  • Snooki feels so used. She Facebook-dumped boyfriend Emilio Masella because he didn't love her, he just wanted to be famous. Emailed for comment, Emilio replied to TMZ, "All i know is she was upset i tried out fornreal world nd left me a message sayin im single. Next i kno i wake up morning and facebook says im single." Such are the heartbreaking lives of illiterate fameballs. [P6, TMZ, image via Splash]

  • Paris Hilton was at Coachella? Outdoor music festivals are officially dead. The heiress formerly known as "One Night In" got in a "flirting fight" with ex Doug Reinhardt there (He was at Coachella, too?!) and Paris won because she flirted with Josh Hartnett, whereas Doug only got some nameless "brunette." [P6]

  • Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan "stormed out in tears. She was a total mess." (Of course she was at Coachella.) Storming out of a massive outdoor musical festival sounds difficult. LiLo may have more perseverance than we thought. [P6]

  • Ashton and Demi were at the Foursquare party where new media geeks cavorted in sagging panties in hot tubs. Today is a most confusing day in celebrity-mortal interaction. For reference, here is a picture of what the Foursquare party looked like. [P6, RandomNightOut]

  • Snooki Dumps Her Boyfriend on Facebook and Other Tales of Woe
  • "Sandra Bullock seen looking heartbroken." She pulled a Tiger Woods and gave her first post-scandal photo op to non-paparazzi agency Getty, probably because the paps torture her with stuff like this. She did not wear her ring. [P6]

  • Josh Duhamel wants to have seven babies with Fergie and/or his stripper fling du jour. [HollywoodLife]

  • Steven Seagal's ex-wife Kelly LeBrock has a tell-all coming out. Fortuitous timing, giving Steven's recent sex slave allegation. And you thought "fortuitous" and "sex slave" would never end up in a sentence together. [TMZ]

  • The office of the lawyer who prepared Larry King's post-nup is one block away from the breakfast joint where he reportedly wooed his wife's sister. The 400 block of North Beverly Drive is where horny old married men's dreams come true. [TMZ]

  • Tomorrow, Barack Obama will stay overnight at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. Kate Gosselin is also staying there. This can only end in tragedy. [TMZ]

  • The story about a young Al Pacino working as a Four Seasons coat check boy is untrue. Asked whether he'd hire Al now, Four Seasons' owner said the 69-year-old Pacino is too rich now, but his 31-year-old girlfriend would be a great employment. This story contains a parable about the economic lives of celebrity cradle-robbers, if anyone cares to suss it out. [P6]

  • Vera Farmiga is pregnant. She and husband Renn Hawkey have a one-year-old son, Finn. The new baby is due in October. [InTouch]