Today, April 20th, is an unofficial holiday for the cannabis cabal. Some celebrate privately, some join together to smoke en masse, but ceremonies usually culminate right around that magic minute, 4:20.

Weed and its culture have long been feted on TV. Among cable's generally damning portrayals of potheads, some shows persist a positive point of view on the drug, characterizing its effects as humorous and harmless. In honor of this historic day, here is a brief sampling of ganja's onscreen glory.

South Park
Before South Park tackled the legalization of medical marijuana this season, Towelie toked-up on his very own episode, spawning countless catchphrases, and sparking the debate over his awesomeness/lameness.


Roseanne finds David's secret stash while snooping in the basement. After lecturing on its horrors, Roseanne reminisces on her own pot past with Dan before trying the stuff themselves for old times' sake.

Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy and Edina, the Absolutely Fabulous functional addicts of the show's title, do drugs daily, but share a special moment on Eddy's 40th birthday, blazing and bitching in the bathroom.


That '70s Show
The 360 degree pan around the pot-circle was a regular narrative device on That '70s Show. When Red finally realizes what's been going on down in the basement all those years, it makes for a real freaky trip.

The Simpsons
Homer turns to medical marijuana to treat vision issues, but the wacky tobacky's hallucinogenic power soon changes his lifestyle entirely.

Mr. Show
In Mr. Show's H.R. Pufnstuf parody, "The Altered State of Drugachusetts", the whole world is high on life, but too paranoid to call for pizza.

Strangers with Candy
In the final days of her repeat freshman year as a 46 year old former dropout, Jerri Blank gives in to her former demons, falling for a sexy stoner who tempts her with the demon weed.

Each episode of Weeds revolves around the business of bud. When dealing is the family business, it's no surprise that heart-to-heart conversations are all a little half-baked.