Advance tickets for the May 27th opening of Sex and the City 2: A Wrinkle in Time are in high demand already, the Hollywood Reporter tells us. Certain theaters saw more sales for this movie than for Kick-Ass.

That was the number one movie at the box office this weekend, while SATC isn't coming out for over a month! Which just further proves that SATC fans — women, presumably gay men, lesbian Kristin Davis fetishists — are insane people who spend far too much time and manic energy Planning Things. Says the article:

"It was nearly 20% of our daily sales when it first went on sale, outpacing 'Kick-Ass,' which was 17% of sales," Medved said. "We saw surprisingly strong advance ticket sales on the first one, with many female moviegoers buying tickets en masse, planning screening parties for groups of friends who were flying in from out of town."

Flying in from out of town?? For Sex and the City 2: The Legend of Samantha's Gold??? Guys. Guyyyys. Remember the first one when after it was over and you were just like "Huh..." and that was that? It will be twice as big a "Huh" because this is a sequel and they are in a desert and I'm pretty sure Mario Cantone and Stanford are going to get married which is just like "Whaaaat Crazypillz!!!" and ohymygosh you guys I'm so excited to get Carried Away again! Sex and the City 2: Armed and Fabulous!!! Must buy tickets now for my Houlihan's girl party!

They got me.