Yesterday our friends at Gizmodo broke the news about Apple's next iPhone. Today, they've been all over our televisions: Good Morning America, The View, Morning Joe and The Today Show for starters. All of these videos and more, inside.

Good Morning America

Gizmodo's own Jason Chen got a visit from Good Morning America, where we got an up-close look at the now legendary little lost iPhone. Chen gave a bit of insight into what may have happened at that bar in March, and how horrifying it would be to be anywhere near Jobs right now. (text by Arianna Reiche)

The View

The ladies of The View ponder how "the tech world is buzzing" and how they've all lost countless cell phones in bars themselves.

The Today Show

Meredith, Matt, and Al attempt to make sense of the story here. This wouldn't be a proper Today Show clip without a sad attempt at a joke by Al, "I wonder what Steve Jobs was doing in Germany?"

Morning Joe

The anchors over at MSNBC dissected the letter even came up with a new response from the Giz guys, "when donkey's fly."

MSNBC's The Scoop

Gizmodo's story was focus of MSNBC's The Scoop today and discussed whether or not they felt it was "checkbook journalism" and said that the whole situation was "handled top-to-bottom, extremely well."


As if there was a doubt, the story was also the subject of CNN's What's Hot segment. According to them, "the techies are going absolutely gaga" over the story and it's a "big oops" for Apple. Big oops, indeed.

CBS Nightly News

Katie Couric gave the story a quick mention during last night's evening news broadcast.

Fox News' America Live

This Fox News clip may be the best of the bunch. The news anchor can't get over her surprise over the popularity of the story and says that Gizmodo is "bragging" about "the next high-tech iPhone." The expert they've brought is "skeptical" that the phone is the real deal, but goes on to tell the story and show us photos of the Beer Garden in question.

CNBC's Power Lunch

Power Lunch's boisterously reports the story, mispronouncing Gizmodo's name twice. Ouch.


Features a clip of Jason talking in the beginning and brought on Dan Ackerman from CNET to discuss the story at hand.

NBC Nightly News

Brian Williams asks whether or not we're falling for a PR move by Apple, points out that the story "generated a lot of talk and speculation," but gets it wrong by saying that Gizmodo purchased the phone at bar.

Countdown With Keith Olbermann

During his number one story of the night, Keith Olbermann examined all of the possibilities of the story—even introducing the idea of time-travel—and brought on The Washington Post's tech columnist to weigh in. At the end of the discussion, Keith says "I still think it came from the future."

Local NBC News Report

This local news package from where we think is LA features an interview with Jason via webcam.

Inside Edition

Of course, Inside Edition went all, well, Inside Edition-ey on the whole story with hyper, flashing images and upbeat music. It features an a brief interview with Jesus filmed in our offices yesterday (the rest of it is supposedly airing on tonight's episode.)

ABC World News Tonight

Diane Sawyer spoke about the story during last night's evening newscast, as well.

CNN en Español

For our spanish-speaking users, CNN en Español aired a pretty lengthy interview with Jesus Diaz.


Thanks to Matt Toder, Elaine Moran, Henry Baker, Arianna Reiche, and the rest of the Gawker Video crew for keeping their eyes glued to 24-hour news networks all morning!