Media is not the only glamorous field in which you can work for free. The entertainment industry wants your free labor as well. Break into the prestigious world of HBO comedy, using only your own wits and indentured servitude!

A tipster forwards us this "job" opportunity email that just went out:

Volunteer PAs (non-paid) wanted for HBO sketch show.

Seeking PAs to work on sketches for Funny or Die Presents on HBO. Stars Bill Hader, Rachel Dratch, and Chris Parnell. Directed by Maggie Carey.

Looking to assist in the AD, camera, grip, wardrobe and makeup dept.

The shoot is Thur April 29, Fri April 30 and Sat May 1.

If interested, please email resume to:
[redacted] with PA in the subject line. Please let us know of any skills or experience you might have. Professional experience not necessary, just need people with a great attitude who can work hard and love comedy. Please let us know if you can work 1, 2 or 3 days.