Yeah, you read the headline correctly. Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, and Ryan Phillippe suited up as their characters from the MacGruber movie and hammed it up for wrestling fans last night—and it was, at the very least, entertaining!

The MacGruber action began when Wiig and Forte ran into their costar in the movie, Chris Jerhico. He wants the movie chain all for himself and gives some "advice" for MacGruber. Next, Forte calls out the wrestler he's about to do battle with, and then goes to battle.

Spoiler alert: mid-way through the match, MacGruber enlists the help of his "older brother," who helps him with the match. Win or lose, the publicity for the movie was good and everyone came out with their dignity in tact.

Note: This was the first time I've tuned into wrestling since my little brother had Mick Foley book series and the Big Show action figures back when it was still the WWF, so I apologize if my "reporting" about "sports" isn't 100% correct.