Bike-Shove Cop Still Guilty Despite Stoner Bicyclist's Ramblings

A second video of ex-NYPD officer Patrick Pogan assaulting an innocent bicyclist Christopher Long makes Pogan's guilt clearer than ever. Which is good, because Christopher Long is perhaps not the *ideal* witness for this sort of trial.

Long is almost certainly going to be vindicated in this case despite the efforts of Pogan's asshole defense lawyers. But, you know...

"By exhorting them to assault me, I wanted the situation to go all the way. I was just really, really hyped up and very excited and it seemed like the next thing that was going to happen was that I was going to get punched out. And I didn't want to wait for that to happen." [Long] said...

"Right now, how often do you get stoned?" [Pogan's attorney] grilled the sometimes snarky cyclist, who cheerfully told of his "Nick-bag-a-day" marijuana habit. "That would be a five dollar bag — that's why they call it a nick bag," he explained

Ehhh. Let's roll that tape, again and again! [NYP]