Recently, Jon Stewart said, "Go fuck yourself" to Fox News. Then, Bernie Goldberg attacked Stewart. Tonight, Stewart responded, issued his own attacks at Goldberg and Fox News, and said, "Go fuck yourself" again (with a gospel choir). Videos inside.

Stewart opened tonight's show by playing portions of Goldberg's attacks—made on The O'Reilly Factor and related to pretty much everything about him and his audience—and then hilariously debunking them, point by point. Stewart got in a nice jab at Jay Leno, too, after Goldberg compared him to the Tonight Show host. Oh, and he also said that Fox News is a "terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization." *Snaps*

Then, Stewart—with a gospel choir backing him—reminded Goldberg that it's not right to criticize him for not living up to Fox News' slogan, which Stewart contends nobody at the network lives up to, anyway. Afterward, Stewart called Fox "the lupus of news" and the show went to commercial as he and the choir repeatedly chanted, "Go fuck yourself,"—which is basically as appropriate an example of adding insult to injury imaginable.

[The Daily Show with Jon Stewart]