On last night's magical mystery machine, alliances shifted like the tides. Fearsome, unpredictable island tides. Who's siding with who? Why are they? Like sands through the hourglass, these are the questions that keep us awake at night.

Like in the scene above, which came before the opening wunnnhhhhhhhh twisting LOST logo. Is everyone who talked to Locke somehow in his thrall? Is he releasing powerful sex follow me! pheromones that Jack, dainty unsuspecting country girl that he is, just can't resist? Sawyer certainly doesn't seem to have fallen under the spell. Although, maybe he has and is just taking a more roundabout way to fly with the flock.

That boat. Desmond's boat, yes? Well, Libby's boat. Am I crazy to have thought "How in the hell is that thing still around?" when I saw the damn thing last night? I can't remember its fate from many seasons ago. I assumed it was gone. But I guess it was there the whole time, just hanging out at a dock.

Speaking of hanging out, aren't Jack and his boys such nice pals? It'll be a shame if Jack ends up in the island reality forever, one where the kid doesn't exist and he's just some lonely on-the-brink alcoholic with the worst island time-share imaginable. How do you think all that is going to go down? Will some people end up in the sideways reality, and some people in the island world? Will one person (cough, Hurley, cough) have to choose to stay behind so the rest can go live in the sexy fake world? Although, I guess it's really no less real than the island. Just different. What do you think? Is there a chance that Jack will have a son for the long haul? Will Kate and Sawyer make cutesy cop/convict sex together? How does a baby survive its mom getting shot in the stomach?

Sands through the hourglass! Yes, I know I'm not using that phrase right. Guys, what's going on on this crazy show?