The Way We Live Now: Trading one problem for another. We found a job, but lost a house. Found a place to rent, lost a place to buy. Found a car, lost a bus. Find a meteor, get alien disease.

Want a job? Go to North Dakota, there are plenty there! But you have to live in your car, since there are no homes. And if you love your car that much, why not move to Atlanta? You have to practically live in your car there, because they're doing away with all the bus lines. Yea, you knew you'd spend so much time commuting in the hellish ATL traffic that you figured you could just rent instead of buy and save yourself some cash. Too bad buying is now better than renting! Keep up with the economy things! You scrimped and saved to make that happen. You should have just waited, cause now the government is just handing out money to the poors. Instead of getting in on that gravy train, you're off tramping through farms in Iowa, hunting for meteorite fragments with which to make your fortune.

But will those fragments give you the alien disease like V or something? You really don't know. And that's the worst part of it all.