It's been 40 years since the first Earth Day, and somehow we haven't fully screwed the planet. As a favor, here is our "green" list of places that have not been totally ruined, and what you can do about it.

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Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Why It's Unspoiled: Fernando de Noronha is a small Brazilian archipelago that charges an "environmental preservation fee" to all tourists.
We Recommend: Jetski rentals. [Image via Andras Jancsik's Flickr]

Tibetan Plateau
Why It's Unspoiled: The vast, forbidding Tibetan Plateau is among the most inaccessible places on the globe.
We Recommend: How can you commemorate your trip to Tibet without a shot class, branded teddy bear, or novelty sex-themed trinket? Install a gift shop at all entrances. [Image via Reurinkjan's Flickr]


Orkhon Valley, Mongolia
Why It's Unspoiled: The Orkhon Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a sacred location to the Turkic tribes that once lived in the area.
We Recommend: Sbarro's and/or TCBY. [Image via Pricipia Aesthetica's Flickr]

Tristan da Cunha
Why It's Unspoiled: The Tristan da Cunha islands, located nearly equidistant from South Africa and South America, might be the remotest place in the world.
We Recommend: Never waste space! There is plenty of room for advertising on those cliffs, probably at competitive rates. [Image via Michael Clarke's Flickr]

Mount Kinbalu, Borneo
Why It's Unspoiled: Mount Kinbalu, the highest peak on Borneo, is government-protected and well-known for its incredible biodiversity.
We Recommend: Who would want to hike up a mountain? Install a glass elevator. [Image via Bousure's Flickr]

Western Sahara
Why It's Unspoiled: The wide-open, arid Western Sahara is among the least-dense areas on earth.
We Recommend: Possibly, the problem with the Western Sahara is a lack of parking. Install a couple parking garages, and you should be set. [Image via Hugo!'s Flickr]

Why It's Unspoiled: Iceland is consistently ranked among the least-polluted countries, probably due to being some kind of socialist volcano haven.
We Recommend: Just turn on some cars and leave them running until you get a comforting L.A.-style haze. [Image via Orvaratli's Flickr]