Eighteen year-old Kayla Gerdes, high on Oxycontin and driving a van, struck and killed a 69 year-old retired doctor on Long Island Tuesday. That's bad enough. Kayla, however, made it worse, by saying the very worst possible things.

According to the New York Post (standard disclaimer), Kayla said the following things following her deadly accident:

1. "The thing that made me not feel so bad was, she was old."

2. She told police she wanted "to see a newspaper of the news, to see what I look like."

3. After running over the victim and crashing into her house, Gerdes allegedly got out the van and told a passerby, "I'm late for court. You have to take me to court!" She was expected in court to deal with a charge of stealing her mom's jewelry.

Teens: never say anything in public, under any circumstances.