Yes, Vogue's man-about-town brings some class to America's Next Top Model, but even he couldn't escape the ridiculous little game Tyra played to tell the girls they're all going to New Zealand. The shame!

Outfit: A vermilion tent structure over a white shirt. This is a repeat.

Accessory: A magical amulet that wards off the spirits of "dreckitude."

Education: This week, when the girls were modeling dresses made of hair, ALT was all about Alexander McQueen, mentioning his name twice.

Agreeableness: He played along with Tyra's stupid gag where everyone on the panel pretended to be sleepy so that they could count sheep and catch some Zs. Somehow this translates into the girls traveling to New Zealand. If that's not agreeable, then we don't know what is. He continued to ignore the guest judge, but since this week it was The City's Whitney Port, we don't really blame him.

Uses of Dreckitude: Five—but only one was André's. It was used earlier in the episode during the challenge, Nigel used it once, and Tyra used it twice. He has lost control over his own creation.

Grade: This week we got two lessons on the same thing, no random French words, and people using ALT's catchphrase more than he did. He was practically boring. It's like he caught some Z's and sleepwalked through this one. Bring back the fire, André. (C+)

It is now more apparent than ever that André Leon Talley needs to have a parent-teacher conference with us if he wants to become a better judge. We've been inviting him to lunch for weeks now and he still won't bite. Lunch with us is a small price to pay for reality show greatness.