The number may be different, but The Challenge: Fresh Meat II isn't really shaking up the formula this time around. Fists! Fury! Slanderous accusations of lascivious lifestyles! Enough booze to sink an aircraft carrier! Inside, newbies learn the hard way.

This season has contests competing in sexy British Columbia, Canada for cash prizes and further infamy. The premise basically remains the same as previous challenges, except this time, some relatively innocent bystanders have been thrown into the mix. There are so many double crossings and faked alliances on this new season that it is literally impossible to keep track of them. Contestants even went so far as to pre-arrange fake alliances before the show began filming to deceive players who were actually in alliances, some of which are fake, so the fake alliances would work out for the fakers. That makes sense, right? Good. Mindless television becoming cerebral is never a bad thing.

Then of course there's the fighting and the name calling, which more or less plays like a highlight reel of any given seaon of the Real World or Road Rules (remember when that was a show?) with some extreme athleticism mixed in. The alliance schemes may make this season worth watching, though, if only to root against pompous Wes from Real World: Austin.

And as a word to the wise, you can rest easy about Jenn tearing apart your exoskeleton, young man: you don't have one!