Well, commenting boys and girls, it's been a long season of Project Runway, but tonight it comes to a close. Who will win? Who will lose? We don't know, but everyone who joins in our live blog is a winner!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! You don't have to drive anywhere to attend this party, so you can help the environment by staying home and live-blogging with us. Of course, you have to power at least two electrical devices at once to participate (a TV and computer), so I guess this live blog can never really be all that "green," can it? But that's OK—green isn't a very flattering color for a live blog, anyway. Let's just call this an aubergine live blog instead.

For the sake of any greenhorns out there who haven't participated in one of these commenting parties before, here's how it works: We all watch the show together and post a running commentary about the episode, as it unfolds, in the comments section below this post. The show starts on Lifetime at 10 pm Eastern, and any commenter is welcome to join in. For an idea of the kind of comments that make for a great live blog, just check out the highlights from last week's edition.

Before we get started, here are a few quick notes about what we can expect to see tonight:

  • We'll finally get a chance to see the runway show that Gawker's own Brian Moylan attended over two months ago. You can read his account of that experience by clicking here, if you don't mind seeing spoilers about what the various collections looked like.
  • Most of us will probably end up rooting for Seth Aaron tonight, mainly because he's not Mila and not Emilio—and because we learned last week that he has a nice family. But regardless of who wins, I'm hoping the fact that this episode is airing on Earth Day is a sign that the winner will be an earthling— s opposed to, I dunno, a Romulan or something.
  • Lifetime will expect us to be surprised when they force the designers to come up with an extra look tonight, and bring back a few eliminated contestants to help them create it—even though they pull this "surprise" every season.
  • The guest judge will be Faith Hill—a choice that probably reflects Lifetime's quest to get more viewers from its typical middle-aged, middle-American female demographic interested in this show. In fact, Hill is so perfect for that demographic that I was kind of surprised to learn that Lifetime hasn't made a movie about her yet. Did you know that she was adopted, and reconnected with her birth mother just before she became famous? How's that for a ready-made Lifetime Original Movie?
  • This will be an expanded live blog, because we can all hang around for the half-hour "reunion special" at 11 pm, in which Tim and Nina will interview all the designers. The promo hints that we'll learn the real reason Maya left, but these spots are notoriously deceptive so I wouldn't bet on it. But at least we'll get another chance to see our beloved Anthony Williams again, and to hear more about Mila and Jay's hate affair.

Speaking of Anthony, Brian Moylan forwarded me a very sweet thank you note that Anthony emailed him this week. Anthony, who we call Suzanne Sugarbaker, came and participated in the live blog a few weeks ago and is very appreciative of all our support this season:

Thanks to you and the Gawker family for making me feel so very special in this season of my life. Your relentless support and encouraging words have provided confirmation that it is truly okay to be yourself. I am not sure if you would like to blog together in the future, but I am all yours. I'm not a slut, but I am easy. Continue to allow your light to shine so that flowers like myself can bloom never to fade anymore.

Your Suzanne Sugarbaker,
Anthony L. Williams

Finally, as we prepare to say auf wiedersehen to another season, I want to take a quick moment to thank Brian Moylan for putting up these posts for us every week, and for arranging Anthony's guest appearance. And most importantly, I want to thank all of you for making this the best commenter-created live-blog on the Internet. You all rock the cyber-runway!

OK, time to head down to the comments. Let's party, Earthlings!