Big Ben rises again. Ben Mills, the ex-junkie Williamsburgian who made waves with photographs of a heroin-fueled Scientology sex party with scenester socialite Peaches Geldof, finally gave an interview. He admires perv photographer Terry Richardson and likes "wasted" sex.

The interview in question is a "Crushable Questionnaire," which is pop culture site Crushable's 18-point answer to "21 Questions" feature. Consequently, the man of the "Big Ben" penis tattoo didn't talk about the Peaches scandal, but he did talk about sex, because apparently that's what he's got on the mind. UPDATE: As readers point out, it seems like he breaks AA's rules about anonymity, too, by identifying Richardson as a member. Unless he meant American Apparel?

6. Whose job would you like to steal?
Terry Richardson. He totally gets to be pervy and get handies from young models and met Obama. That could be really fun. Though I saw him in AA a few months ago so if he's stone sober doing all this that's real creepy. So I'd steal a young Terry Richardson's job, back when he was still going coke off models' assholes.

7. What was your best date?
Any one that involves dinner before you get wasted and bone.

If only the Peaches' pleasure-fest had included a nice PB&J, it'd have been Big Ben's best date. If you want Ben to ask your questions, try imploring him in the comments! He's a Gawker commenter now, so maybe he'll make an appearance! Just like Tinkerbell: Say his name and clap your hands, and you, too, can bring Big Ben back to life. [Crushable]