He's still flirting up a storm to hide that his doctor says he can't have sex anymore. He has more problems than the mysterious star set to come out of the closet May 5. She's got nothing but good news.

1. "This A list movie actor is known for his many many sexual encounters with women. Well, it turns out that at some point our actor developed an STD that is so bad his doctor warned him he should not have anymore sex with anyone. He has complied but still pretends he is sexually active by hitting on every woman that crosses his path. All for show though. All for show." [CDaN]

2. "Everyone is speculating about the celebrity who will be coming out in a very public way on May 5th. We think that Howard Bragman is a great publicist—and we know we're going to appear on Larry King Live with him one of these days—so we don't want to totally steal his thunder. However, we think we're being led astray as to the star's identity. Bragman has been talking a lot about how it's time a gay man be cast as a superhero. But one of our sources slipped and may have given us an additional clue about the celebrity's identity. They used the pronoun "she" when talking to us about the mysterious upcoming guest. They quickly tried to correct themselves by going back to using "he", but it was too late. While there are many women who it could be, we think we've got it narrowed it down to three. although we honestly didn't expect any of these three women to come out this year. Additionally, Michael Musto of The Village Voice seems to think it's a singer or someone involved in music. So, with all these conflicting clues, dear reader, your guess is as good as ours." [Blind Gossip]