I don't know if you've heard, but Apple lost a top secret iPhone and shit hit the fan. This week, it was the talk of all things Gawker Media, and our commenters weren't exempt.

[Gray Powell, at the last Gawker.TV meetup where he showed us all his cool new phone!]

Lite: is not a guitar hero hero imagined how Jobs handled the situation:

From the office of Steve Jobs:

Dear Gray

You're Fired!

His Holiness Steve Jobs

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday

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Rountourage commented about how we'll get a great new demographic on the Gawker sites due to the scoop's coverage on The View.

A few more commenters pointed out just how hilarious it is to watch news anchors fumble around discussing technology.

And mricyfire summed up the cluless media frenzy pretty well:

after watching all those clips I have come to the conclusion now with proof that TV news is stupid..a bunch of people that dont know what they are talking about...

one spells it I-Phone like it hasnt been out for 3 years...another can't pronounce Gizmodo....the others goof around about the guys job...one talks about how it is bad to pay for journalism (wtf??)...Nasdaq over there says it hasnt affected stock....it went down a max of 5 points when this was released when I looked at it yesterday and his been down since the release

most of the girls are so damn opinionated and one even mentions she will be getting it as if the viewers should care...

I for one am glad TV as we know it is dying slowly...and thank you for digital forms of news.

Until the next big leak (cough LOST call sheet, cough), I'll be looking through all the comments for the best you guys have to offer!