Last week, Breaking Bad took a trip back in time to when Walt had hair and the name "Combo" meant more than just a bodega impulse buy.

The flashback played like an origin story for Jesse & Walt's mobile meth kitchen, including but not limited to: strippers! champagne! stealing recreation vehicles from Combo's mom!

IRL, Gomez shipped off to El Paso. Alas, the Hank/Gomez ship wasn't the only one setting sail last week. Walt and Jesse officially called it Splitsville, with Walt receiving custody of Saul. Speaking of divorce, Walt left Skyler one, signed and dated, in the baby's crib.

Why the change of heart? Well, it may have something to do with the proverbial Wonka's Chocolate Factory of a meth lab Gus unveiled to Walt. After salivating over the new glassware and state-of-the-art ventilation, Walt agreed to the "three months, three million" deal.

By the way, Hank's hunt for Blue Methober via RV registrations wasn't a complete bust. The episode closed on him in Combo's mother's house, face-to-face with photographic evidence of Jesse with Combo and strippers in tow. Ruh roh!

People in the communities are already cooking up their own "who's gonna die" theories — Skyler and Hank seem to be the most popular (and expendable) targets. So far the show's steered away from axing main protagonists, but will that last? Is Hank getting too close to the truth?

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