The South Park creators speak out about this week's controversail episode, Eastbound & Down is back in action, Chuck's renewal is "looking good," and Wheel of Fortune fails. Happy Friday!

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In TV News...

  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone have come out with a statement about their 201st episode. "We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn't some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps." [Collider]
  • Just for you Matt: Seven epic Wheel of Fortune fails. [Urlesque]
  • Season two of HBO's Eastbound & Down is beginning to come together! They're currently filming in Mexico. [Deadline]
  • Did you hear about the time when a girl asked Conan O'Brien to the prom and he wrote her a letter back? It's too cute. [Letters of Note]
  • Here's a great rant about American Idol's over-run into the next show's timeslot. [Variety]
  • Here's a list of important things to know about the rest of the season's How I Met Your Mother episodes—including a fantastic spoiler involving Barney, Ted, and Robin. [How I Met Your Mother Source]
  • ABC will re-air Lost's two-hour pilot episode the night before the finale. [The Wrap]
  • Great news for Chuck fans, it's renewal is "looking good!" [Ausiello Files]

Around the Web...

  • Longing to plug your iPhone into telephones past? Look no further. [Etsy]
  • Not much of a surprise, Avatar has set new records for blu-ray DVDs on it's first day. [Deadline]
  • Infographic: Comparing the 100 Largest Sites on the Internet [Fast Company]
  • You can stream the new album by The National in its entirety. [NY Times]
  • 22 awesomely inappropriate comic books. [Maxim]
  • The crappiest "Save the Earth" messages in movies, ever. [io9]
  • Isabella Rosselini launched a new online web series called "Green Porno." [Sundance]
  • TIME Fondly Remembers How 4chan Hacked Last Year's TIME 100. [Geekosystem]