Staying at a Florida Ritz-Carlton, Rodney Morgan's family demanded to be served only by whites and people without accents. A black waiter says the Ritz honored their request. Weirdest part: Morgan's British, so wouldn't everyone have an accent to him?

The Fort Myers News-Press reports that Haitian-born Wadner Tranchant, who is black, is suing the hotel chain for $75,000 because, one day last March, he was told his services as waiter weren't necessary because the Morgans were "very, very prejudiced" and refused to be served by "people of color" or those with "foreign accents." The Ritz-Carlton hasn't denied this story specifically (they don't discuss the suit) but do say they're against discrimination. So, phew. [FortMyersNP, NYDN, Image via James Steidl/Shutterstock]