Yesterday we showed you a call sheet for Lost's series finale shoot. Was it real? Was it fake? Well, signs are currently pointing to real, so let's try to once more figure out what it all means. Spoilers ahead.

The scene written about on the sheet seems to involve Jack, Desmond, Locke, and Ben and is set at some kind of waterfall. There's rope and pulling and (one hopes) grunting and at one point Jack is said to be in "Hell." Could this all be red-herringry, concocted by a misdirection-obsessed production team? Well... maybe not.

As Vulture points out, there was this quote from a recent interview with Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond, about a particularly physical shoot:

What they're shooting now has been really physically demanding. There's a lot of wetness and a lot of bruises. I think the stunt work is going to be pretty cool.

Hmmm. "Pretty cool," like scaling waterfalls and falling into Hell and stuff? Could be!

Vulture also notes that there were some set pictures taken yesterday that showed a waterfall, so... the call sheet's got that goin' for it.

While most of you decided to discuss whether the sheet was a hoax or not, a couple of commenters on this here site provided some possible illumination about the show:

[Co-exec producer Damon] Lindelof has said that "Water." is his best 1-word description of the last 3 episodes' plot; this only seems to back that up.

Oh wow. I think the two realities are meeting at this waterfall; the actors in each scene are listed either with a number (corresponding to the above cast list) or number-A...

So there you have it, right?? After all that secrecy, six year's worth of it, we have totally scooped the end of Lost. Do you know how Lost ends? Here's how:

Everyone takes the waterfall rope to Hell and then Jack gets a nosebleed and there's grunting and skeletons.

That's conclusive. You can put that in the bank. Grunting waterfall nosebleed skeletons. Made of rope.

Sigh. We still don't know anything, do we?