The Washington Times, America's creakiest newspaper, started off 2010 by boldly firing 40% of its staff. Now, the paper has boldly fired its publisher. Which may be the smartest thing it's done this year.

The Washington Times has historically been a loony Moonie conservative paper, yes, but it has also historically employed plenty of good reporters, so it's worth pulling for. It's easy to take this latest news of the president and publisher's abrupt firing as just another craaaaaaaaaazy Moonie management mishap. But upon further inspection it sounds like the board of directors was actually protecting the paper's editor from a publisher who wanted to run shit. Which is not allowed, in real newspapers. According to the WaPo, Jonathan Slevin, the canned publisher, was fond of " asserting the right to be involved in editorial decisions and news meetings." Not allowed! Huzzah for firing corporate overlords run amok!

You know who could probably fix this paper right up? Billionaire Clinton pal and model wrangler Ron Burkle, who is coincidentally trying to take control of the bankrupt Philly papers. Ron Burkle can be a modern day failing newspaper mogul! Let's get there!