Today a free justin Bieber concert scheduled in Sydney, Australia had to be cancelled after a mass of teens turned into a surging wall of squealing humanity. Tonight, Justin contemplated what it meant to leave destruction trailing in his wake.

The director of Australia's Channel Seven, which organized the show, told The Age that: "I don't think anyone expected Justin to be as big as this... we thought we were taking a risk by holding the concert." But the real risk was not lining up a squadron of tanks before 4,000 teens descended on Sydney's Circular Quay—many camping out all night just for a chance to scream at the Beeb. Here's how one teen described the scene as they waited for Justin to come out and sing three songs:

Everybody was just shoving and pushing forward. They had two massive screens out and they started to play Justin Bieber songs and everybody started cheering and pushing forward more

The scene in Sydney.

And then: chaos. A police spokesperson said they rescued more than 100 teens "suffering distress" from the melee. 10 teens were treated for "hyperventilation." Overwhelmed, Police called off the concert at the Quay before Justin even got there and told everyone to go home. But the mob would not be quelled. They rushed over to the studio where Justin was supposed to appear on a morning show. Riot police surrounded the building, girding for an all-out attack. Eventually, Justin came out and sang a song to appease the crowd. It worked, thank God, and the mob dispersed.

This follows the riot last year at a Long Island mall, and other Bieber-related pandemonium. Tonight on Twitter, Justin tried to come to grips with the chaos which follows him like a poisonous shadow. He was at turns defiant:


And, finally, contemplative:

This is the second in a series of articles on Justin Bieber riots.