Beef and trains. Two All-American favorites. But what if they could somehow be combined? Well, Amtrak is testing a new train and it is powered by beef-based biofuel. Is this the most American form of transportation ever?

According to Fast Company, Amtrak will be running the train for a year between Fort Worth and Oklahoma City after receiving a grant from the Federal Administration. It will be powered by a mix of 80% regular diesel and 20% "beef-based biofuel." (Incidentally, KFC is also looking into this as a possible new menu item.)

The train is also the latest in a long tradition of All-American things that piss off PETA. Someone at Fastcompany had the good sense to contact them for a comment. Their response: "The answer to pollution is not to use the ground up remains of tortured animals for fuel." The PETA official then got into a car powered by the ground up remains of animals who died a slow and terrible death in an ancient tar pit and drove away.

(via Mashable)