Now she's in an arm brace—but Tito Ortiz says she's a drug-addicted liar. Jesse James' ring finger is naked. Michael Lohan fears Lindsay is "the next Corey Haim." Whitney Houston sings off-key. Tuesday's gossip roundup cometh.

  • Jenna Jameson's longtime partner and baby daddy, ultimate fighter Tito Ortiz, was removed from their home in handcuffs after a fight that left Jenna with "visible injuries" and in an arm brace. Am I the only one who finds Page Six's boxing metaphor ("Jenna lost the first round yesterday when martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz alleged beat her up...") a little, um, off-key? Jenna says Tito "threw me into the bathtub and tore two ligaments in my shoulder" (why is the brace on her elbow?) because she said "something very hurtful to his ego." Tito, meanwhile, says "he did not put his hands on her" and that Jenna had an "emotional meltdown" after Tito found Oxycontin in her pocket. (He says she's addicted.) Jenna says Tito is "very, very desperate" and lying. Meanwhile, Jenna's father has custody of the two-year-old Jameson-Ortiz twins, and the Huntington Beach jail is either leaking pictures of Tito behind bars, or has a painfully papaprazzi-penetrable security system. For reference, here's a picture of the couple in happier times. [P6, TMZ, TMZ, E! TMZ, images via Splash and Getty]
Jenna Jameson's Ultimate Fighting Boyfriend Arrested for Beating Her Up
  • Sandra Bullock was spotted without her wedding ring last week. Now Jesse James' ring finger is naked, too. [TMZ]

  • Michael Lohan fears Lindsay will be "the next Corey Haim." Us too, but if we were related to her, we wouldn't say so in public. Besides, LiLo and Ali looked happy and healthy, out and about during daylight hours, yesterday. [Us, X17]

  • You know karaoke didn't go well when, instead of being described as singing a song, you are described as singing "a version of" said song. Kathy "Mother of Paris" Hilton recently sang "a version of 'It's Raining Men'" at a party. "You know karaoke didn't go well when..." should be a meme. [P6]

  • Jon and Kate Gosselin are attending court-mandated parenting classes, as is required of all custody battlers in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Hopefully Berks County will let the TV cameras in, because it's ripe for Kate's reality show, right? [TMZ]

  • In other Gosselin news, ABC is worried nobody will watch Dancing with the Stars once schadenfreude battleship Kate is gone. "If she wasn't fighting with her dance partner, Tony, she was fighting with the judges.... she is great TV." [NBN]

  • Larry King and Shawn Southwick were "cozy again" at their kid's Little League game, which is significant, since Shawn's lover was supposedly a Little League coach. King-Southwick: A Drama Played Out Beside Baseball Diamonds and Small Children. [P6]

  • Beyonce had a nipple slip. It looks like, you know, a nipple. [Egotastic]

  • 79-year-old Katherine Jackson is done being the catch-all mommy figure to a brood of grandchildren. With Jaafar Jackson's stun gun snafu as a "catalyst" (cops were called after Jaafar reported tried to stun little cousin Blanket) Katherine kicked Jermaine's and Randy's kids out of the house. She'll keep Michael's three. [TMZ]

  • Whitney Houston can't sing "I Will Always Love You" anymore. Videos from her concert tour reveal tragic tunelessness, but I actually don't think it's so bad. Singing into a microphone at a stadium concert is hard, and her vocal chords are getting older. [Popeater]

  • Newly engaged to a hockey player, Hilary Duff is a "relaxed" bride-to-be, says sister Haylie. Give it time. The starlet will turn bridezilla yet. [People]