71% of NYC taxi passengers are morons. Why? Because they're mindless drones who absolutely love to have commercials flicker in front of their eyes. According to a new poll, only 29% of riders shut off the annoying TV in the backseat of cabs.

What's even stupider is that 40% of the people who leave them on don't even pay attention to what's on the screen. Do they not know there's an off switch? A new poll conducted for the Wall Street Journal came up with the numbers, which are close to the stats provided by Creative Mobile Technologies, the company that manufactures the mobile annoyances and which maintains that they remain on 85% of the time. Taxi drivers don't seem to like them and complain that the programming is too repetitive and they can't shut the screens off when no one is in the car; most of them would rather listen to some obscure radio station or mix tape from their homeland. We don't blame them. But since they seem to be "working," we'll never get rid of them, will we?

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