Today we took a look at the potential intern from hell, an eager go-getter who will not tolerate slowness from the people they hope will hire them. Most of you criticized the kid, but some defended his/her unbridled ambition.

From davyjonesisdead:

Jeez, instead of telling this kid what he did wrong in applying for an UNPAID POSITION, you should all be berating the employer for using UNPAID LABOR in place of the wage-earning kind. How quickly you all take the employers' side is just amazing.

From Melita Polyhymnia:

Um, what's wrong with you people? Riot-mentality seems to be the norm these days. even the fact that this e-mail wound it's way to Gawker shows that people are piqued by the gall factor, and audacity alone can push things to the forefront.

Not one single soul had a shred of compassion for the youngster who is tyring to begin his life amidst the ever present Goldman Sachs infringements on life itself for personal gain.

Not to mention the fact that companies behave badly (banks too), and that people in even the smallest positions of power love to see people squirm.

And the fact that said company employee chose to "get into it" with this eager (possibly desperate for food a roof over his head, whatever) youngster I think is as in poor taste as the kid being over eager.

The time spent by the company employee setting this kid straight, could have been spent sending a more gentle letter explaining how things work and that they are inundated with applicants and that he should be prepared for this type of waiting time in this job market. After all, we were all young and stupid once.

Where is our compassion and coddling of our young. And his parents might be very lovely people, so it's only an idiot who automatically blames the parents for aggressive behavior.

I'd actually hire this kid cause he's showing me he does not give up, he is persistent, and soes not settle for anything and moves mountains. with a little guidance, he could be the best thing to happen to this petty little, kid bashing, snarky little intern-hirer.

I know I am very gentle with young people, and prefer to educate them gently rather than have a full-on e-mail war with them over a perceived slight.

I agree with Slim Pickin's. I hate everybody.

We do not necessarily agree! But that is the other side of the argument, anyway.

Another commenter found some famous intern letters and posted them. Here's one from Twin Peaks!

From RollsRoyceRevenge:

Dear Mr. Cooper

Argle bargle pobble asklebobs? Sometime I know the smiling man. The sack lies flat and the stove is not happy. Beware the vole. Sometimes, suddenly last summer, gooble gooble one of us, gniyas I ma kcuf eht tahw. Give me a job or I will haunt your nightmares. Actually skip the job part HAUNT HAUNT HAUNT. You were unbelievably fuckable in Dune but boy does the rest of that film suck.