Angry Keith Olbermann clearly burns with the desire to say swears on TV. What else can explain his barely-contained glee at playing a clip of Carl Levin saying the word "Shitty" a bunch of times at today's Goldman Sachs hearing?

Said Olbermann:

And not to worry, as complicated as [Goldman Sachs'] business activities were they can be fairly simplified to their truest terms. Those Wall Street executives were betting against you, and even they acknowledged that what they were selling you was shoddy. Only they didn't say "shoddy." The exact word you will hear in a moment, no bleeping.

And then he played a mash-up of Carl Levin saying the S-word over and over again. A swear word! On Television! Keith Olbermann is the 13 year-old boy of cable news.

Shit, I love blogging.