In a movie! In a movie. Don't worry. Also today: Young stars get lots of roles, a new movie about air pirates sounds intriguing, an actor joins a show we don't get, and Sarah Silverman is a sister.

What's to be done with Sara Paxton? She keeps working and yet never seems to get up and out of the B-movie ghetto. Like, did you see that Last House on the Left update? Shit managed to be both brutal and cheesy. That's a B-movie right there. Not that she's some exceptional talent or terribly original — she is essentially the same exact person as Brittany Snow — but it's just kind of interesting that she seems to be walking in place. Ah well. Her next movie will be another horror one. This one's called The Innkeepers and is about two hotel clerks closing up a haunted hotel and being besieged by ghosties. It's filming in Connecticut, with Kelly McGillis. So. [THR]

Another, more successful Sara(h), name'a Sarah Silverman, might be joining the cast of the indieeee dramedy Take This Waltz. The movie, written and directed by Sarah Polley, is about a lady (Michelle Williams) who realizes that she's "addicted to the honeymoon period of relationships." Seth Rogen's in it, presumably as a love interest. Silverman plays his sister. Sounds all a bit twee, doesn't it? Hopefully the sober-eyed Canadian presence of Polley can tamp down all that wisty indie mawk that movies like this can often stumble into. (Rogen's Canadian too, so hopefully he'll help out.) [Variety]

Little Bo Burnham, the kid from Hamilton, MA who became a YouTube sensation, is now playing a foreals part in a movie. He's gonna be the villain in Sin Bin, a movie about a horny teen and the girl he likes and the dastardly foe (Burnham) who gets in his way. Jeff Garlin and Ben McKenzie and Tim Blake Nelson are also in the movie. So, sorta the real deal! Good for him. Hope he doesn't go getting a big head now. [THR]

Speaking of young folks playing villains. Bryce Dallas Howard, an actress who made her career on her own completely without the help of anyone, has been cast as a mean lady, the head mean lady!, in the film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett's popular novel The Help. She'll play Miss Hilly, the racist head bitch in a clan of 1960s bitchy Mississippi housewives who are bitchy to their black domestics. Emma Stone plays the one white lady who decides to rescue the black folks by writing about them, while Viola Davis plays Abileen, one of the blacks. The book was apparently precariously balanced on the border between good-ish and racist-ish, so let's hope the film doesn't fall over into the latter side. Also, doesn't Emma Stone just seem young and off for that role? Oh well. Viola Davis will make everything better, as she always does. [EW]

Michael Ealy, from Sleeper Cell and FlashForward, has signed on for five episodes of Californication, a show about a sarcastic penis. What wacky adventures will the sarcastic penis get into next? No one knows! Maybe it will drink some booze and say things it thinks are witty. Maybe it will talk to its robot-zombie monotonedroid daughter. Maybe it will get together with Natascha McElhone. Oh wait, no it won't! Because that's what Ealy's going to be doing. He's going to be her love interest for five episodes. So. Bad times for the sarcastic penis. (I just don't get this show.) [THR]

Hm. Ice Cube has been cast in the L.A. cop corruption movie Rampart, alongside Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster. The movie is to be directed by Oren Moverman, who directed Harrelson and Foster in the much acclaimed The Messenger last year. The screenplay is written by James Ellroy. And then there's Ice Cube. Who has a new TBS sitcom coming out based on his Are There Yet? movie series. He also has a documentary at Tribeca about L.A. gangsta rap in the early '80s and how it related to the Oakland Raiders moving to the city at the same time. That is a multi-faceted fellow, that Ice Cube! [Variety]

Paramount has bought a spec script called Heatseekers, about bugs that come into your house when it gets cold. No, hah, ew. It's about an ex-military joystick-jockey (pilot?) who goes after a band of "aerial pirates." If the the pirates are played by Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez and the movie's title is changed to Too Fast Too High Up In the Air, I would be very happy. Or if it was just a movie version of Heat Vision and Jack. [Variety]